Buda Radiante Dif

This is the official site of the BUDDHIST UNION OF SPAIN( UBE). The Federation was established in 1992 and registered in 1995 as a religious entity in the Ministry of Justice.

The federation works to foster the best environment and the union of all the Spanish Buddhist communities. It represents all of them in the dealings with government agencies and the issues concerning Buddhist practitioners.

One of the most important achievements of the Federation has been the qualification of Buddhism in October 2007 as a religion "clearly rooted" in Spain. This is an important item, as this qualification entitles Buddhists to reach significant agreements with civil authorities in education, handling of the dead, tax exemption and cash donations.

The Federation actively participates in the work group created by the Ministry of justice to provide input for a new Law of Religious Freedom, which will especially concern the denominations enjoying recognition as "Clearly Rooted".

The Federation participates in the Fundación Pluralismo y Convivencia (Foundation for Pluralism and Coexistence), created to channel public subsidies to minoritary religious faiths. The Federation is also present in international bodies as the European Buddhist Union.

The Federation has no political affiliation and is inspired by the will to integrate all Buddhist practitioners and to develop Dharma teachings

The UBE offers information to all persons and entities interested in the practice of Buddhism in Spain, in the requirements for registration as a religious association,  in membership in the UBE, etc. Free Information is provided equally to members and non members.

If you wish to contact a member community, please, click on the corresponding links.

We wish our work to profit all beings and help them to reach Enlightenment

Postal address and phone of the UBE-FEBE:
Avda. Menéndez Pelayo, nº 113 Esc. Dcha. 1º Izq.
28007 - Madrid
Telephone: +
34 914 344 829